Walking Upstream | Lukas Haigermoser

Short film

Objective     Why is being outside and the connection to nature so important to feel alive? We truly wanted to show why Lukas consciously decided to mostly search for waves in Austria and build his own boards. This film is about his mentality, and him as a person, and not as an athlete focused on surfing.

Method     When the concept and pre-production were all ready to finally shoot this film a lot of factors we could not control, made it hard to put a timestamp on this project: weather, water level of the river and many more. When the window finally opened, we went to Salzburg with a five-men-team and shot for about 24 hours in two days. Intense, challenging – but we successfully pulled it off.

Result     Every project is a journey: We worked for many hours in post-production on the cut, colors, film titles. The original music was composed which really drew the final project together with the sound design: Following the flow of Surfer Lukas Haigermoser while exploring his thoughts and surroundings through an artistic lens.

El Viaje | Denigma

Music video

Objective     The artist D:enigma created two songs, “Enova and Cura”, which were used as a base for the short film to support the viewer’s journey towards the emotional plot and to give a special setting. The intention here was mainly to focus on showing feelings: suffering, depression, pain and coping with those afterwards. The creation has the title “EL VIAJE”, a journey, that describes dark moments in life.

Method     Shooting this project was pretty challenging due to multiple reasons: A small but incredibly capable crew, multiple outdoor locations with natural lighting, underwater shots in a mountain lake with freezing water. After three days of hiking through woods, diving in mountain lakes and running across old airfields, we finished with two additional studio days.

Result     Realizing the project, there were no rules; just art. Different perspectives provided different realities: Future. Past and a state of mind combining the two. The unique soundscapes were created with the goal to build a story that incorporates them. So, we tried to translate the feeling into a linear narrative, forming an abstract story.
Which feelings did EL VIAJE evoke in you?

Frühling | Weingut Gross

Brand film

Objective     The idea of this project was to tell a story about a special slope which is owned by wine producer Weingut Gross. It is situated right on the Austrian-Slovenian border and carries a lot of family history. Moreover, the work on a vineyard starts again in spring after the winter and we tried to capture this aspect as well.

Method     This was a one-day shoot. We arrived early to catch the beautiful landscape of South Styria with the rising sun, to show what early spring feels like. Shooting this very vineyard was the ideal backdrop, as some workers were on their duty. To round off the picture, we filmed the opening of a bottle of wine produced by Johannes & Martina.

Result     The final film shows the audience what spring is like on a vineyard, how special it is in a wine producer’s year and which connections can be made to the wines itself. It tells the story of a special piece of land with a rich family history and a product which is fascinating and rare – leaving the viewer with a warm, sympathetic feeling.

Tränen | Shherl

Music video

Objective     For this project, we were asked by Shherl to produce the music video for his single „Tränen“. The idea was to keep this performance-focused, with an emphasis on style and locations. We had complete creative freedom – the only task was to create visuals that fit his vibe and the music.

Method     We had two days to shoot on four locations and enough time to try out new things. So we scheduled to film in a local church by night, created artificial rain for parts of the video and could get our hands on a Tesla Model 3 to use as a backdrop in a destroyed hangar. Like most of our current projects, we produced this with a small team.

Result     These four locations worked out really well in the video in combination with the song. All of them have a dirty, gritty feeling, which was important for us. The result is a modern yet unique rap music video that has the scale of a much bigger production. Our client was both impressed and very pleased with the final product.

Guided. Through The Swamp | Kiquila

Short film

Objective     She guided us. Through her surroundings, her inspiration. Berlin. During a trip we had the opportunity to shoot a short spot with Kiquila. This project came together at the last minute, but the plan was clear: Kiquila showed us around her home and some of the spots she really enjoys the vibe of.

Method     The idea of the project was to get a view of the city of Berlin from Kiquila’s point of view. We had access to extraordinary locations and settings and tried to really capture the vibe she gave us in the surroundings we had never experienced. Sometimes the element of surprise is what makes a project truly interesting.

Result     Get carried away into the urban jungle. Feeling confident and doing your thing. Just standing there and feeling your surroundings. This project turned out really exciting. Normally, not planning means taking unnecessary risk – in this case it meant making it happen. Creating something out of our heads.

Die Ernte | Weingut Gross

Brand film

Objective     This is the first project that we realized for Weingut Gross: Capturing the harvest process and everything related to it in September 2020. The winery is located in the middle of southern Styrian, surrounded by beautiful landscape, and has been a family business for many years. We tried to show how much thought and development the winemakers put into their products.

Method     The main objective was to show the daily routine of the harvest and the journey of the grape. Production started at sunrise, and we accompanied the workers throughout the day, which we combined with an interview of Martina and Johannes Gross, giving us a precise insight into the vision and philosophy of the winery.

Result     This film is showing the most important phase of wine production, the harvest, the fantastic wine, that reflects the calmness and the approach of the winery. We tried to give nature, and the steps of the harvest enough time and created a relatively slow paced brand film, like good wine that needs time to unfold its full potential.